Working with Jodie Marsh

Working with ambitious celebrities is a big part of what we do here at Click Fusion.

We have a new and exciting professional relationship with the gorgeous Jodie Marsh, working on a number of exciting projects. Putting our ecommerce expertise into practice, the two most notable projects we are involved with include sites for JST Nutrition and her personal Jodie Marsh website.

The Meeting

We had the pleasure of meeting Jodie at her beautiful old-fashioned farm house, that oozed character.

We took the opportunity to understand her plans and ambitions for the various projects she is working on. During this time we talked through the improvements to her website and ideas for going forward.

It quickly became clear that Jodie takes a very hands on approach, doing much of the everyday work herself.

The Project

The two websites we’ve created and designed for Jodie have been unique and challenging projects. The JST Nutrition site saw us talking over and working with a well-established brand, having been created in 2012. Jodie wanted to simplify the site and allow customers to very quickly purchase products without getting lost in clicks.

The Relationship

Her energy and passion for business always makes for a pleasurable experience. Like with all our highly engaged customers, we always enjoy working with Jodie, hearing her great ideas and feeding off her energy.

Click Fusion always puts an emphasis on personal relationships and we often meet with Jodie face-to-face to discuss the projects in a more personal way.

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