What it’s like to meet Jean-Claude Van Damme

We are lucky enough to include some brilliant and very talented celebrities amongst our clients.

As part of this line up, we are proud to have Jean Claude Van Damme (or just JC as he prefers) as a client, working with him on a number of exciting projects. After an initial Skype call to detail the needs and kick off the project we were invited to meet with JC and his team in Belgium to discuss the projects in hand.

Late Night Calls

Late one night we had a call from Jamie, JC’s website manager, informing us that JC was in Belgium over the weekend.

It would be a perfect opportunity to meet up with the great man and showcase the work we’ve carried out so far. It had been a couple of months since our Skype call with him to discuss his plans and we’d been busy designing and developing the new ecommerce site since then.

There was one issue – where and when would such a busy man be available? The location was fairly simple; a smart hotel in a small town near his home in Belgium.

However, we had to wait until late on Friday evening before a day and time was confirmed. We finally received confirmation late in the evening that he would have some time available for us the next day at approximately 6 o’clock.

The Journey

We woke up on Saturday morning bright and early to catch the EuroTunnel to France. We arrived just in time after a long 5 hour drive, extended by an hour due to delays in the tunnel. We were excited and nervous to be meeting JC face to face for the first time.

The Meeting

After a slight wait for him to come back from the gym (typical JC) we began our meeting. His mother Eliana, Francios his Attorney-at-Law and Jamie joined us.

The meeting itself went by in flash. We spent 3 and a half hours observing JC, absorbing his ideas and listening to some of his celebrity stories. We were stopped twice during our meeting by hotel staff entering the room with trolley’s full of tea, coffee, ice-cream (with extra cream on the side as is JC’s favourite) and other snacks.

The regular refreshments were well received, providing us with the energy to keep up with JC.

He is clearly a very creative man who knows what he wants and communicates it well. You can tell he’s been around some big names.

All in all we had a really interesting meeting and it was a very eye-opening experience for us. We’re really excited to be able to work with JC and we’re looking forward to moving things forward with him.

Watch this space!

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