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We provide professional SEO in West Sussex. We set up our SEO campaigns with the main focus being to help your business improve its search engine rankings. By working closely with you, we help to generate high levels of relevant organic traffic to your website resulting in greater leads, sales and ultimately profit for your business.

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Why Search Engine Optimisation Matters

Ongoing research reveals that 60% of traffic using Google opt to click on

to the websites that can be found in the first three search results. If you can’t be found in the top three search results then you are at risk of losing potential customers and sales. Inbound leads are some of the easiest to close, so why would you miss out on the money these customers bring?

For example, someone searching SEO West Sussex are looking for a local company offering SEO. So these searches are people looking for information on, or solutions to, the challenges they are facing. Taking these facts into consideration, it’s

clear that there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to offer solutions to these challenges, making a profit in the process.

This is why competitors invest a substantial commitment of time and energy into improving their search engine result rankings for a specific search term. They do this in the hope of capturing a high percentage of overall organic traffic, giving them the opportunity to turn that relevant traffic into paying customers.

Search engine optimisation is a process which will need to be constantly monitored, Google regularly change their algorithms meaning rankings can fluctuate. We ensure that you stay in the best possible position by keeping up-to-date and treating your business as if it were our own.

What is the SEO process

Although the basic rankings factors stay the same, we know that each business requires a different approach to succeed. We always seek to understand your business and your end goals before confirming our approach to get you to where you need to be.

Once we have had our initial conversation and exploration of your business. we will apply a combination of the best tools and talent for getting your site the traffic which will bring you the most value. This includes:

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