Vale Window Company - Web Application

Quick Facts

A leading window and door manufacturer based in the UK needed a clever and seamless system to upload, find and distribute key internal documents easily.

We helped by:

  • Fully understanding all of their requirements
  • Building a bespoke touch screen web application which met all of their needs
  • Ensured usability across platforms and ease of use

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The Brief

The Vale Window Company is a leading, well established PVC-U window and door manufacturing company based in Mansfield. As part of their offering they manufacture Daceuninch’s innovative wide range of windows and doors including its unique heritage collections, slide and swing doors and monorail sliding doors.

As the business continued to grow and their manufacturing process became more complex they identified the need to put in place a powerful but easy to use database that staff could use to retrieve valuable documents.

To help them do this the directors at Vale Window Company approached us to help. They asked that we design them a bespoke system that they could use to easily upload key documents. They would also need to sort, filter and find documents that needed to be referenced for a given challenge or task that they faced at the time.

Vale also wanted to make sure that the solution was super user friendly to ensure that those using it would both readily adopt the system as well as be able to boost efficiency, waste less time and open up the potential to make more profit as a result.

Vale Window Company - Web Application

The Solution

We worked with the Vale Window Company, asking them specific questions to understand their exact requirements when it came to the new document management system they had asked for.

This allowed us to develop a bespoke software system that was easy for users to retrieve documents that have been uploaded via the easy to use touch screen interface. To help the end user get to the required information quickly, we also introduced a number of filter screens and steps that allows them to quickly whittle down results.

To ensure the seamless flow of information we also made it very easy for the user to email or print the document once they had found it, with just a couple of presses on the screen. Compatibility across platforms was built in and the system was also tested on a number of popular browsers.

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