The Oven Campsite - Hand Drawn Map and Sign

Key Points

A family orientated campsite required high quality and well designed signs to help campers identify their location and find their way around the camp site.

To help we:

  • Designed quality, hand drawn style campsite maps that appeal to the family feel of the website
  • Produced the maps in full colour aluminium, with rounded corners and holes for mounting

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The Oven Campsite is a family orientated and popular campsite located on Hayling Island just off the South Coast of England. With an excellent central location close to the villages of Mengham and West Town and key attractions such as stunning beaches and a fairground, the site sees a large number of visitors over the year.

The campsite owners have put a lot of time, effort and expertise into creating a quality, comfortable and fun place for their visitors to stay and play. They were not content with the normal low quality home printer style signs that you see in many average campsites across the globe. In order to avoid doing this they wanted to create signs that represent the fun and family feel of the campsite. It would contain useful information for campers to observe and act on.

The owners of the site approached us here at Click Fusion to help. They requested that we design a number of signs that would look great as well as stand out so that people will notice them across the campsite. These needed to communicate key information, including maps of the site, that would highlight exactly where someone was when looking at the sign, and how they could make their way to other areas of the site.

The Oven Campsite - Hand Drawn Map and Sign

The Solution

We were excited to take on this challenge from The Oven Campsite and got cracking with the work right away. In order to appeal to the family nature of the site, our designers created signs that had a hand drawn yet professional look that really stands out to those in the immediate area.

Two large signs were produced to the measurements of 1m x 50cm, each with an image of the campsite and a ‘you are here’ pointer to highlight the viewers position. They have been given a high quality finish with full colour aluminium, rounded corners and holes that can be used to mount them on a variety of areas.

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