Teleplan International - Web Application


A global after-market service provider needed a smart sales tool that allowed them to add value to the customer as well as collect crucial information that could be used for future marketing.

We worked with them to:

  • Understand the processes the customer should go through to reach their desired results
  • Create an app that looked professional and achieved all requirements

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Teleplan International is a global business that is a trusted after-market services partner dedicated to communications, computer and consumer electronics and technology companies.

As part of the businesses marketing plan, they put together a team that would represent them at one of the biggest technology events in Europe, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They identified that as part of this marketing exercise it would be useful to have a tool which could be used by sales staff to guide customers through a step-by-step process. This tool would allow them to easily determine a series of processes and services which Teleplan would carry out when testing their mobile devices.

We were asked to help them by developing a smart web-based application that would allow them to do this. We were briefed to create a platform that would be easy to use and professional looking. It would also need to lead potential customers to input their name, contact number and email address so that the business could use them for marketing purposes later down the line.

Teleplan International - Web Application

The Solution

We called on our extensive experience in creating seamless and user-friendly web applications to help the Teleplan team out. We did this by building a program that let customers easily drag and drop from a selection of pre-set processes. We also ensured that the app fitted in with Teleplan brands so it looked professional and reflected well on the business.

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