Skyline Engineering - Office Sign


A specialist engineering recruitment  business needed an office sign that would stand out and make a visual impact.

We were selected to help them and did so by:

  • Designing a bespoke sign that met the need
  • Having the sign made to a high-quality

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Skyline is a specialist team within the Building Design space. They act as an intermediary, providing sub-contracted packages of design work as well as recruitment within the market.

They identified the need for a new sign that would help brighten up the office space and give it an overall professional feel. They explored a number of options to help them get this job done. Given our background in delivering signage for other professional businesses, they selected us to help. The brief was short, but highlighted that the sign needed to be designed and produced to a very high quality.

Skyline Engineering - Office Sign

The Solution

We got to work on this immediately. Starting by designing a sign that was in keeping with their current branding and communicated its message clearly and concisely. Once the design had been signed off by the client we then went ahead with getting it made up. The end product was an acrylic 3D sign of their professional logo that was hung on the Skyline Engineering office wall.