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A local section of the National Health Service (NHS) needed a website that would help breast cancer patients to access key information about their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. It also needed to make it easy for them to contact a member of the NHS to ask any questions or get any clarification they may need.

To help them achieve this we:

  • Fully understood patient needs and built a website that met them
  • Made the site easy to navigate with large clear links and colour coding
  • Ensured patients can access the information easily regardless of which device or browser they use

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The Northumbria arm of the NHS serves the area with all the usual health care that you expect to see from the NHS such as mental health, maternity and social care.

As part of their expert offering, they work with cancer patients to work through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Their goal is to make this as easy as they possibly can, therefore taking a potentially difficult task off the plate of patients who are already going through the biggest challenge of their lives.

The management team at Northumbria NHS asked us to put together a simple and easy to understand website that would hold all the key information that a breast cancer patient may need with relation to their treatment through the NHS. This area needed to make it easy for patients to find out how to contact them, as well as areas to hold information on their management plan, support and involvement, health and wellbeing, patient information and commonly asked FAQ’s.

Northumbria NHS - Website

The Solution

We were keen to use our experience in developing seamless and professional websites to help the Northumbria NHS to create something really useful for their patients. We started by ensuring that we were aware of all the information and functionality that the site needed to hold.

We then built a very simple and easy to use website that incorporated colour coded sections to enable clear navigation. Finally, we developed the site to ensure that patients could easily find and access information regardless of which device or browser they chose to do it on.

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