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A top bodybuilding coaching brand needed a website that represented their brand excellently as well as having the functionality required to run their business through an online portal that members can log in to.

We helped by:

  • Thoroughly understanding the brand and the requirements they had of a new website
  • Designing a bespoke site which could be used both to market the business and as a central point for client information and processing

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Leading Results Fitness are a personal training business that specialises in providing training and diet plans for those that want to compete and succeed in bodybuilding competitions. They are based in London, but also hold online training and coaching so have customers in a number of different locations.

As the business deals with the majority of their clients over distance via Skype, phone calls and email, they understood the need for a highly functional website that can act as a central point for clients to gather information and check in on their plans and progress.

Leading Results Fitness challenged us to build them a site that could be used as a marketing tool that would entice new clients with useful information and high impact branding. They also needed a place where current clients can login to keep on top of their training and diet plans and that allows the trainers to manage clients, keep track of their check ins and facilitate communication.

Leading Results Fitness - Website

The Solution

Having delivered on similar projects in the past we knew we could leverage our knowledge in this area to help Leading Results Fitness to create a highly functional website that would let them market and manage their business easily.

As the functionality of the website was the key to its success, we started by understanding exactly what they needed it to do and how it needed to work to achieve that. From our research we discovered that key features such as a members area, blog, email newsletter sign up and pages that demonstrate their results and services, would all contribute to the website meeting their needs.

After creating a bespoke site that gave them the ability to do everything they needed, we worked to ensure that all users could access and use it easily regardless of the platform or device they were using.

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