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A nutrition and supplement company fronted by Jodie Marsh needed a new website that would represent their brand and allow customers to find and purchase products easily.

We facilitated this by:

  • Understanding the brief and brand fully
  • Creating a website that allowed for seamless ecommerce
  • Ensuring site compatibility with Google Shopping, across devices and platforms

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JST Nutrition help their customers to achieve and sustain the bodies that they want. Their supplements are high quality, but cost effective and targeted towards both male and female users. The range that they sell has been designed by celebrity Jodie Marsh who held the title of the INBF Champion of America.

Many of the major sports nutrition and supplement businesses make the majority, if not all of their sales online. With this is mind, the JST Nutrition team knew that they needed to have a great website where customers could come to easily buy their products.

They got in touch with us to see if we could help. Their brief was detailed and they clearly knew what they needed to achieve for the business to be a success. We were asked to create a website that was clean and simple, that would be aesthetically pleasing, easy for visitors to navigate and could be brought in line with the new brand which was being developed. They also needed a seamless ecommerce function that would allow the business to receive orders and fulfil them quickly all without a vast upfront investment.

JST Nutrition - eCommerce Website

The Solution

The team were excited to have this project on board and we got to work on it enthusiastically. As with all our projects, we first sought to fully understand the brief and the business before we got started on creating something that would help them.

JST Nutrition detailed that they needed the site to be visible in as many places as possible, easy for customers to find what they are looking for as well as adding an element of social proof that what they are buying is worth the investment.

Given what they wanted to achieve we knew that using WooCommerce, the largest e-commerce platform in the world, would be the best option. This then led us to being able to build in key features such as unlimited categories, sub-categories and products, syncing the site so it worked alongside Google Shopping and allowing customers to leave star ratings and reviews for the products once they had used them.

To increase usability we also ensured that the site would work quickly and seamlessly across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

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