Intruder Alert Systems - CRM


A trusted alarm system provider needed an easy to use, but functionally complex, customer relationship management system.

We delivered by:

  • Undertaking a thorough audit of their needs
  • Designing a bespoke system that allowed users to input and withdraw key information
  • Including mechanisms for the set-up of automatic servicing and customer contact

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Intruder Alert Systems are a leading and trusted provider of security solutions and alarm systems to businesses and homes throughout the UK. Their HQ are located on the South Coast in Southampton, Hampshire.

As their portfolio of work is so wide, working with a vast number of commercial, domestic, temporary and long standing accounts, they deal with a huge amount of customer information which is constantly changing and requiring updates. Due to this fact, the management team at Intruder Alert Systems identified the need to put in place a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that would allow them to control and access the data seamlessly. This was seen as a priority in succession planning as if key members of staff for some reason left the business much of the important knowledge they held would leave with them.

They got in touch with us as they knew we had an extensive background in implementing bespoke CRM systems for businesses in a number of industries. They asked us to develop something which could be used to collect and communicate key client information amongst their active team. They also wanted to be able to use the tool to schedule services, making sure that each customer was getting the right level of attention required.

Intruder Alert Systems - CRM

The Solution

We were keen to apply our knowledge of CRM to help Intruder Alert Systems tackle this challenge. As the new system needed to help improve efficiency within the business we undertook a thorough research process to ensure that we knew the exact requirements before we started developing a solution.

Once we had identified these, we created a smart piece of bespoke software that would allow users to input and withdraw information based on sites that could also be sectioned out into ‘zones’. The CRM allows user to include multiple ‘false alarms’ to a site which would in turn allow them to identify problem areas and iron them out easily. Each site can be created so a number of systems could be added to it, such as CCTV, intruder alarms and access controls, as well as details on the account as a whole including installation dates, maintenance periods and service notes.

This set up meant that the business could ensure that a user was assigned to every account and set up scheduled services in line with the information held. This in turn immediately improved customer relationships, creating ongoing support and consistent communication.

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