Find Your Teacher - Web Application


A leading education job platform needed a web app that would allow schools and agencies to upload and access key information and take actions.

We built a solution that:

  • Allowed for schools and agencies to create online profiles
  • Enabled schools to create teacher job ads that would be sent to admin for approval
  • Facilitated online payments

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Find Your Teacher was launched in June 2016 and are an innovative platform that helps schools to fill vacancies with the best teachers for the job, as well as helping highly skilled teachers to find their next exciting position. Unlike other platforms that fulfil the same role, Find Your Teacher focuses on offering a quick and seamless service whilst saving schools and governments money.

As a business that provides an online service, Find Your Teacher know that their website is a huge part of their business success. This is why they are constantly looking to improve their offering and the functionality of the site to make the process that schools and teachers have to follow easier.

They got in touch with us to help them put a solution in place. When we were briefed by the team, they communicated the need for a platform that would allow new schools to create a profile and log in as well a similar log in process for new agencies that want to join and benefit from the platform. Once logged in, a school should be able to complete a teacher form detailing the job they have available, which will be automatically sent to the Find Your Teacher team for approval. When the job goes live, the system would produce a ‘public link’ which could be shared with agencies.

Finally, the solution would need to facilitate payments and admin listing for schools and agencies.

Find Your Teacher - Web Application

The Solution

After reviewing the brief and assessing the complex nature of the project we agreed that the best way forward was to develop a dedicated web app which could be accessed by agencies, schools and the Find Your Teacher team to achieve their needs.

We designed a web app that would be easy for schools and agencies to create a profile on, as well as making it easy for them to upload and find all the information they need to benefit from the platform. To facilitate payments, we set up a payments system to work seamlessly behind the scenes and to ensure the platform had the ability to become profitable.

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