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An expert property photography and marketing business needed a clever CRM system that would allow clients to request and brief work as well as allowing them to plan and execute on that work.

We helped by:

  • Understanding their complex requirements
  • Building a CRM solution that met all requirements
  • Making it easy to use and understand whilst also increasing efficiency

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Emzo Marketing are leading experts in property photography and marketing. They work with clients including estate agents, leisure and tourism businesses, interior designers and event planners to take stunning photographs that represent their property and work in the most professional way possible.

As part of their plans to grow the business, the team at Emzo identified the need for a system that could be used by staff and for their estate agent clients to manage their jobs and property details easily. This would allow for an improved efficiency of communication, increased speed of work and would ultimately allow the business to better its profitability as a result.

They approached us to help them build this system. From the client side, the portal needed to allow estate agents to add new property details including service requirements, the number of images required, tenant/vendor details, appointment date and time and any additional notes. It would also need to arrange jobs into categories based on their status and automate emails to clients once the job status had been changed.

From the admin aspect, the portal would need to act as a shared calendar and manage staff and client access to the CRM. It would also need to allow admins to create new clients, automatically generate login details and enter Floorplan IDs to allow for automatic generation of job folders. Finally, once an admin has marked the job as complete it will automate an email notification to the client containing full details including links to the relative images and documents.

Emzo Marketing - CRM

The Solution

Assessing the brief we received we knew that a smart CRM system would allow the business to achieve all the functionality that they required. We started to build this, ensuring that both the Emzo Marketing team and their clients will easily be able to meet their needs. As part of this process, we also kept consistent communication with the customer to ensure that everything worked in the way they wanted.

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