Dawn O'Porter - Website


Dawn O’Porter, celebrity writer, director and television presenter, needed a new website that would host information including a blog, news, book publication information and upcoming TV appearances.

Using our expert skills in website design we:

  • Created a simple and easy to navigate website that allowed all information to be easily found
  • Ensured cross-device and browser usability

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Dawn O’Porter is a well-known Scottish celebrity who is known for her writing, directing and as a television presenter. She has appeared in shows such as Super Slim Me, How to Look Good Naked and Skins. 

As part of her personal branding, Dawn and her team have a website that contains her thoughts and writing in the form of a blog as well as news and press articles that are about Dawn or are closely related in some way. It also contains information about her popular books and the publishing of those books. Details about her latest TV appearances are also included in the site. The website is a go to place for fans and any other interested individuals to come and find out about Dawn and her latest work.

As part of an update to her brand, we were asked to build a new website that would be designed in a simple way to allow visitors to easily find the information that they may find useful or interesting.

Dawn O'Porter - Website

The Solution

Having worked on websites that professionally represent celebrities in the past, we were excited to get cracking with this job. Once we had received the brief outlining what Dawn wanted to be able to use the site for, we proceeded to design a site that would facilitate these needs.

As with all our sites, we then ensured that it would work seamlessly across browsers and any device that supports web browsing.

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