Consortiq - Mobile App


An innovative unmanned systems technology business wanted to create a mobile app that would provide operators with all the information they need to carry out tasks with drones.

We worked with them to:

  • Gather all requirements
  • Build an app with features that help users from all sectors to do their job more easily
  • Provide an easy to use user experience and user interface

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Consortiq are leading innovators in drone and unmanned systems technology. They work with businesses to transform their operations through drone consultancy, drone technology, aerial filming, hardware and software. Working within a number of industries from television to search and rescue, the business has an unrivalled knowledge of the drone space.

Understanding that the knowledge they hold in this space is valuable, the team at Consortiq wanted to develop a way in which they can help drone operators directly and on a day to day basis. They decided that the best way to do this would be by creating an app that would allow users to quickly and efficiently manage their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS) from the palm of their hand.

Knowing that we have the expertise and skills to build high performance mobile applications, the team at Consortiq asked us to help. They briefed us to develop an app that would allow users to plan, record and maintain their UASs. This would include access to templates that could easily be applied to support users in keeping their maintenance and checklists consistent. The app also needed to include key information that is useful to operators such as weather updates.

Consortiq - Mobile App

The Solution

We were thrilled to be working on such an innovative and useful app that would call upon many of our skills in development and planning. After collecting all the requirements of the application we got to work delivering a solution that would meet them all.

What we produced in accordance with this was the ‘CQNet’ mobile application. This solution was a cloud-based, enterprise-grade safety management system that met every aspect required by UAS operators. The cloud-based nature of the app allowed for information on flights to be kept within the Command Portal including all flight records, aircraft details and maintenance monitoring. This in turn allows users to compile and customise reports to ensure CAA/NAA regulation compliance.

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