Allergan - @marlow Web Application


An international pharmaceutical company required a solution that would allow staff to easily share news and events as well as opening up a simple process for two way communication.

To meet these needs we:

  • Collected and assed all requirements
  • Met those requirements through the development of a smart web application
  • Increased security to allow protection of key business information

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Allergan is an international pharmaceutical company and a leader in Growth Pharma. They focus primarily on developing, manufacturing and commercialising branded pharmaceutical products.

As the Allergan team continues to grow they identified the need for a central point that could be used by the internal team to keep in contact with each other, post about news, events and information that may be of companywide interest. The solution would allow for an increase in communication and therefore efficiency within the business, it would also allow for crucial information to be delivered efficiently and without error across the business.

After exploring a number of options, the leadership team at Allergan approached us to help them put something smart in place. As well as detailing the required functionality of the solution, they also highlighted the need for it to be easy to use so people would understand where information is kept. This was important in order to encourage the team to adopt the new solution over alternative, less beneficial, methods.

Allergan - @marlow Web Application

The Solution

Recognising the need for something that was easy to use and equally easy for the team to access, we created a web-based application which could be used by anyone from any device. The application allowed users to easily upload and access all the information they needed. It also facilitated two-way communication in a way proven by social media, with a function that allows them to like and comment on posts.

Finally, to increase security and keep potentially sensitive information safe within the business, we also introduced SAML authentication which links to the internal Allergan identity database.

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