African Adventures - My African Adventure Web Application


An organisation which helps people to visit Africa and make a positive impact to communities there needed a platform that could be used by travellers to find useful information, update key details about their trip and communicate with those that are joining them.

To facilitate these needs we:

  • Gathered requirements and researched the subject area
  • Created a web application which would make it easy for users to find information and for the team to upload it

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African Adventure is an organisation that helps groups to volunteer to visit some of Africa’s most deprived areas and make a positive impact on the children that live in them. 

Given the detailed and complex nature of the trips organised by African Adventure, the team behind the business identified the need for a platform which could be used to as a central, go-to hub for those participating in volunteering trips. This tool would allow travellers to access all the information they need about their trip in one easy-to-navigate online area. It would also act as a planning tool where users could upload details about their trips including flights, accommodation, projects and other key information in the lead up to their departure.

After exploring a number of options, African Adventure chose us as their preferred solution provider. We were briefed to create a web application that would allow them to cover off all their requirements. It needed to be simple for users to find and update any relevant information, as well as for the African Adventures team to upload key resources that will help travellers to plan their upcoming experience.

African Adventures - My African Adventure Web Application

The Solution

With the great work that African Adventures do in facilitating others to make a positive impact on the world, we were really excited to help them create a functional and well-designed web app to further that mission. As with all our projects we spent some time gathering the requirements and researching the subject area.

As ease of use was a key customer requirement, we then went on to design a simple web application that clearly highlights areas where users can look to find useful information. The tool also has an intuitive section where travellers can go to update information on their trip and share it with others involved.

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