African Adventures - CRM


A business which supports groups that want to make a meaningful difference to children’s lives from deprived areas of Africa required a CRM that would allow them to monitor traveller details, increase sales and streamline processes.

We worked with them to:

  • Implement a bespoke CRM that is easy to use
  • Allow key processes to be automated
  • Use the central point of information to manage internal tasks and improve efficiency

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African Adventures work with volunteers to help them create meaningful experiences through educational projects in developing areas including Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. They do this by offering various roles that can contribute to improving the lives of children from deprived backgrounds. The main part of what the organisation does is organising trips for groups including schools, charity challenges, scouting and corporate expeditions. 

Given the popularity of their offering, the management team at African Adventures spotted an issue with consistently and accurately dealing with the multiple conversations that are happening daily with their customers. They decided that the best way to tackle this was by putting in place a bespoke CRM that could be used to note and monitor all customer communications.

Having previously worked with us with great success and knowing our background in implementing bespoke CRM systems, they got in touch to see if we could help. Providing us with a detailed brief, they highlighted that we needed to build a CRM that would allow them to keep customer information up to date. This would include the ability to assign flight bookings, accommodation, itinerary and project allocations. They also wanted to be able to use the CRM as a sales tool, keeping details of all conversations that have been had between prospective, current and past contacts and groups.

African Adventures - CRM

The Solution

Having enjoyed working with the African Adventure team before, we were happy to be back on a project with them. After undertaking our initial conversations and understanding exactly what they needed to be able to do, we started to build them a bespoke CRM.

With the goal of making their internal processes easier, we set up a system that allowed them to assign and withdraw all information, with relation to their customers, as detailed in their brief. In order to make the system work harder for them, we also included features that allowed them to automate email notifications to remind travellers of important dates and manage tasks internally.

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