UX/UI Design


Have you ever visited an app or a website and got so confused about what to do or where to click to get the desired result that you just give up and leave? This is more common than you might think and leads to lots of businesses missing out on potential customers engaging with them.

Understanding that good User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) goes a long way to making your business user friendly is fundamental to business success.

We apply our expertise in UX and UI to help businesses by:

  • Auditing websites and apps to assess their usability
  • Develop design to make poor performing websites better
  • Shorten load times that in turn boost search engine rankings and paid advertising success
  • Increase customer satisfaction and therefore customer retention, allowing for powerful brand messages to be communicated well

The Benefits

User Experience and User Interface go hand in hand. They ensure that the user journey is as smooth and efficient as humanly possible. This doesn’t just make customers happy but it also leads to more conversions, enquires and improved results.

In fact good UX and UI can be directly linked to increases in profitability for businesses that use it. This is because it allows you iron out any potential issues that customers might have which block them from easily making the action you desire from them. In simple terms, this may be something small like the ‘buy now’ or ‘contact us’ button on your website or app not being easy to find and therefore visitors simply getting frustrated and leaving to find an alternative.

It is always worth remembering that humans are inherently lazy and will take the shortest and easiest route possible to getting something done. By making this customer journey as seamless as you can it means that visitors don’t have to waste any needless energy in buying from you and are much more likely to do so. This might seem like an extreme opinion, but when you look at the success of big businesses that make things simple, like Amazon with their one-click ordering, it is clear that this matters.

Finally, because UX and UI focus on better usability including faster load times and generally being easier to navigate, this means better rankings on search engines. This is because businesses like Google want to make their user experience as best as possible and this means they want the most user friendly sites appearing at the top of their rankings.

Why Click Fusion?

At Click Fusion we really know what makes design user friendly. Our expert team have extensive knowledge and experience in building websites and apps that work seamlessly for users. In fact we build good UI and UX into every project that we undertake.

We also work with businesses that have already invested in solutions such as websites and apps but want to improve their usability and benefit as a result.