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What we deliver

At Click Fusion we aren’t just any social media marketing agency, we know that social media can be a challenging tool for businesses to use successfully. Many know they need to use it, but don’t really have the time, experience or knowledge to do so effectively. This can often lead to half-hearted effort, which ultimately renders the true power of social media useless.

At Click Fusion, we call on our expertise to help businesses:

  • Understand exactly how a social media marketing agency can help them achieve their business goals
  • Create detailed social media plans and execute on every element
  • Use smart techniques including targeted social advertising to increase the reach of their most relevant content and boost results.
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Social media changes everything

Social media has completely changed the marketing landscape. No longer do businesses simply advertise their services and products in the hope that their customers find and understand the message. Now brands can have real time conversations with their audience, consistently gathering feedback which can be used to boost results.

Social media has given businesses a voice and in turn allowed them to generate a personality which their consumers can relate to. However, this brand personality is only effective if it appeals to customers and is applied consistently across all used channels.

Although paid social is certainly an integral part of any strong social media strategy, businesses can also benefit from the organic reach of social media. This can mean marketing budget can be saved for the purposes of just promoting the most important brand messages.

Finally, our social media marketing agency brings a host of complementary benefits to your business including:

  • Making it easier for key influencers to engage and reference your brand
  • Increasing traffic and boosting your websites search engine rankings
  • Helping you understand and interact with your audience
  • Helping you understand what your competition is doing and what is working for them
  • Allowing you to boost brand loyalty by offering better levels of customer service and customer needs.

Our speciality

At Click Fusion we are experts in social media management and love helping businesses to apply the best strategies to make it work for them. We understand that social on its own is of no real benefit to businesses, but each activity should contribute to helping you achieve business goals and grow your business in some way.

We offer a range of services, each of which can be applied individually or as part of a wider strategy towards social media success.

These services include social media management of all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn; the creation of highly targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising; social listening, understanding what your audience is saying; creating highly relevant and engaging content for use across multiple social channels; helping you understand your audience and selecting the best channels for reaching them.

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