Signage and Banners


Successful businesses represent themselves to the market in a number of ways. The idea is get your business where your customers attention is and that means pursuing different methods of promotion. A massive part of that mix is using high-impact signage and banners.

Here at Click Fusion we can help you by designing signs including:

  • Eye catching shop fronts
  • Bright and impactful illuminated signs
  • 3D letters
  • Engaging projected signs
  • Welcoming reception signs
  • Quality vinyl prints
  • Professional exhibition stands

The Benefits

Signage and printed banners are often overlooked by businesses as a way to communicate their key messages in favour of more modern techniques such as digital marketing. However, when seeking to grab your potential customers attention using high quality signage and banners can have a huge impact. This is because clever and well positioned signs coupled with good design principles are now rarely used, but when they are they stand out from the crowd and really engage those seeing them.

Another major benefit of using this type of advertising is that it is relatively inexpensive. This is due both to the fact that getting the sign designed and printed is fairly cost effective process, but also because these types of assets can be used multiple times with the same level of impact, without any additional costs.

Finally, good signage is a great way to get into the everyday lives of your customer. Where digital and social adverts may be glazed over or even blocked by ad-blocking software, using a physically printed sign or banner such as a designed shop front in a high traffic area will consistently make its way into people’s everyday lives and therefore ingrain your brand and its message into their minds. This repetition of messaging and quality of the signage you are using is a great way to build credibility for your brand. By giving it a physical presence in your customers mind you humanise your business and make it easier for people to choose to buy from you.

Why Click Fusion?

Click Fusion have years of experience in delivering high-quality, high-impact signage and banners for a range of businesses spanning from small to large. Our team of experts focus on representing your business in the best way possible by taking your brand into consideration and creating simple but impactful signs and banners that really stand out from the noise.

We take a very flexible approach and can deliver a number of different printed mediums that can be used to advertise your business.

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