Responsive Web Design

How We Can Help

We work with clients to create beautiful websites that truly represent their brand and help their customers find all the information they need to make that all-important decision to buy. In the modern world we all have a mixed approach to website viewing including consuming content through computers, tablets and mobile phones. Having a responsive website is key to catering to all of your customers’ needs seamlessly on one site.

We build responsive websites that help businesses:

  • Look great across multiple platforms including phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers
  • Get their websites loading faster, even when they are relying on a poor or slow connection, therefore bettering customer experience
  • Optimise sites for search engine preferred platforms, increasing website ranking on search results pages

If you need a new website or it your existing site needs improvements to benefit from modern trends, contact us now.

The Responsive Future

Did you know that if your website is not responsive then you are missing out on a huge amount of potential website traffic? With 80% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, if your website is not mobile responsive then a huge number of potential visitors are going to pass you by.

Not being mobile ready is even more concerning when you consider that Google, the biggest search engine in the world, has announced that it is demoting websites on their search engine rankings if their website has poor mobile performance. In fact, if you take into consideration the statistic that an estimated 90% of all organic web traffic originates from Google, then not having a responsive website can seem like business suicide.

Getting more traffic isn’t the only reason for going responsive with your website, it also has huge benefits when it comes to customer experience. Allowing your current or potential customers to seamlessly access your website regardless of whether they are on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop means it’s easier for them to find the information they are looking for.

Responsive sites also allow you to integrate with social media. Sites such as Instagram, which are primarily built for mobile, are excellent tools for sending traffic to your site. If visitors follow links from mobile social to find your website is not responsive, then you are likely to loose their custom immediately.

Our Approach

We understand that our clients want to benefit from responsive websites but aren’t necessarily concerned with the technical details of how we do it. That is why we pride ourselves on working quietly behind the scenes to ensure your businesses presence online is represented in the best light, whichever platform your customers choose to view it on.

Our team of web experts are experienced in applying the latest technology, and accepted best practises, from across industry, to make sure your website is working as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. This means your customers can find and digest the information they need to in order to purchase what you’re selling, rather than getting frustrated and moving to a competitors site.