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It might not be the most interesting subject for the majority of businesses, but getting your hosting and domains sorted is one of the most important fundamentals of having a secure and functional website that represents you online.

We help businesses by:

  • Providing highly reliable and super-fast servers that ensure top performance and minimal downtime
  • Purchasing domains and dealing with renewals on their behalf, ensuring they never risk losing a valuable domain
  • Handling all DNS updates, taking this technical challenge off their plate
  • Understanding any technical issues faced and communicating them in an easy to understand way
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Why are hosting and domains important?

To put it very simply, hosting is a service that lets you as a business post your website onto the internet by ‘hosting’ it on our web server. It is important because without hosting your website will not be accessible via the internet and therefore obsolete.

There are many different providers of hosting out there, each with a varying level of security and reliability as well as different approaches to supporting you should something go wrong. Businesses that rely on their website to engage with customers, communicate information and even make sales will need to ensure that all these elements are of a high level to limit any downtime or issues where your website is not available to view or performing at peak level.

Why is reliable and fast hosting important for serious businesses? When you consider a couple of facts such as 25% web of users will abandon their page if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load and a huge 53% of mobile site visitors will do the same if a page takes longer than 3 seconds then it becomes obvious that slow websites can put people off. Not only is speed important for creating a better customer experience but search engines, such as Google, have also stated that their rankings are increased by better speeds and more secure servers.

When it comes to domains the importance is even simpler, if you do not secure the domain name in relation to your business then it is open to purchase by others. This would lead to them either ‘ransoming’ it back to you at an extortionate price or using it for reasons that could damage your business such as redirecting it to a competitors website.

Why use Click Fusion?

We are experts in all services related to hosting and domain management. Not only are our servers very fast and reliable, which means minimal down time for your website, but we also provide a high quality service in identifying any issues or challenges associated with these areas and remedying them quickly and professionally on your behalf.

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