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If you take into consideration that estimated yearly online spend reaches over £154bn in the UK alone, if your business is not selling online then you could be leaving a serious amount of money on the table.

With the rise of massive sites such as eBay and Amazon, we have also seen rapid growth in individual brands and businesses setting up online shops to sell their products direct to the customer.

We work with businesses to:

  • Create simple and functional online shops
  • Develop current online shops in a bespoke manner to increase performance
  • Build in easy to use and powerful tools that let you manage customers, take payments, monitor stock and tackle other key elements of the selling process
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The Importance of Ecommerce

Building an ecommerce enabled website will allow you to tap into a whole new audience of potential customers, streamline your sales process and ultimately increase the overall profitability of your business.

One major benefit of starting an ecommerce site is the fact that you cut out the need for an external sales agent. Although you will likely not choose to stop trading with resellers, starting your own online shop does allow you to limit the dependency you have on these organisations that make sales on your behalf. Selling direct also lets you make additional profit by cutting costs associated with sales mark up or commission, as well as operational costs such as delivery and maintaining relationships.

As an ecommerce business you will be able to tap into powerful marketing channels that will drive traffic direct to your site. This includes using tools such as pay-per-click and social media advertising that in most cases can be directly linked to online sales, allowing you to easily attribute marketing spend to profits created.

Practically, starting an ecommerce website lets you maintain more control over the sales process. This includes taking online payments using technologies such as PayPal, WorldPay or Stripe and managing all orders from one central platform. You are also able to manage all registered user data and information, leveraging it to make your processes better and more efficient. Creating and managing special offers, promotions and discount codes from one place allows for easier marketing. Finally, an ecommerce system will allow you to manage all of your stock and track levels based on sales, making your operational processes easier.

Why Us?

Click Fusion have worked with a range of small, medium and large business to build high performing ecommerce websites both in the UK and overseas. We work to understand how your business works and then create a system that best suits your needs.

Our team is made up of the best of the best with extensive experience in ecommerce website development. Each team member has a thorough understanding of how businesses need to use these platforms to make sales and how customers interact with them, gearing it for a pleasurable user experience which in turn will make you more sales.

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