Conversion Rate Optimisation

What we do

At Click Fusion we only focus on helping your business achieve the things that matter most. That is why we have become experts in conversion rate optimisation, helping you to turn attention into leads, sales and anything else which contributes to the overall growth of your business.

We work with you to:

  • Understand your customer journey and how to optimise that journey for efficiency and achieving a desired result
  • Analyse data and statistics to ensure that all marketing is performing as well as it possibly can
  • Increase customer retention and optimise marketing to produce the best return on investment.
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Conversion matters

When it comes to digital marketing, agencies like to make a big deal about metrics like visitors, followers, likes, time on page and anything else that shows some result. Although these metrics certainly indicate the success of marketing, when it comes down to it, all that really matters to a business is conversions.

If you can’t convert engagement with your brand into something of value for your business it’s a waste of an opportunity and a waste of resource. That is why optimising every element of your business to encourage and allow conversions is such a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

Take, for example, a business that has 5,000 visitors to their website on an average week. Their website might not be optimised to turn those visitors into customers through lead capture forms and other smart tools, meaning only 1 in 1000 visitors actually spends any money. In this case all the effort which has gone into attracting those visitors is wasted and brings no value to the business at all.

In contrast, a business which sees only 1000 visitors on their website a week, but is highly optimised for conversions could see the same or more profit with much less effort, leading to a considerably higher return on investment.

How Click Fusion can help

Here at Click Fusion, we know the importance of conversions and have helped countless businesses increase the profitability of their websites and digital marketing through smart conversion rate optimisation.

We do this by seeking first to understand and analyse the user journey, using data and statistical review to identify areas of success and areas which could use some improvement. As part of this process, we also undertake a thorough review of customer feedback and use this to inform the decision making process moving forward.

Once we have understood the customer landscape we create a strategy for a fully optimised customer journey, which ultimately allows you to tap into your most valuable customer base and boost overall profits.

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