Content Management Systems (CMS)

What We Do

It doesn’t matter how fancy your website is, if you don’t have the system in place to keep it up to date and looking fresh then it won’t look fancy for long. That is why at Click Fusion we work with clients to put in place easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) that can be used behind the scenes by users, without the need for technical knowledge, to update their sites and keep on top of site maintenance.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Implementing award winning CMS (WordPress) systems that are easy to use
  • Helping businesses update their websites on their terms with the basic skills that they hold in house
  • Educating businesses on the documentation behind the WordPress CMS and how they can use it to its full potential
  • Building powerful SEO features into our CMS, allowing you to benefit from higher rankings on Google and other search engines.
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CMS - The Benefits

The major benefit of having a professional CMS behind your website is that it allows businesses to quickly and seamlessly update all the major parts of their site without the need of expensive, time consuming and highly technical development.

Other benefits include the fact that a CMS allows for multiple stakeholders across the business to access and edit the website. This makes it easier to update the site continuously and keep your website fresh and engaging for clients that visit it. The level of accessibility that a CMS provides also allows for the site to be easily maintained from within the business.

As the digital footprint of businesses continues to grow, so too does the demand for consistent and useful content from those businesses. Not only does a CMS let you access and update the content on your website easily, but is also allows you to schedule that content. This allows for content to be generated in one go and then consistently released at optimum times throughout the month or quarter.

Finally, using a CMS for regular content updating such as blog posts and news articles used in parallel with some smart additional features allows for improved search engine optimisation, making your site more discoverable, leading to more traffic visiting your site and ultimately improving the potential profit as a result.

Our Approach

Click Fusion are leading experts in implementing clever CMS solutions for businesses. We have a wealth of experience in putting these tools in place for organisations of all sizes and in a variety of industries. In each case we work with our clients to understand exactly how they plan to use the website as well as how they may better benefit from being able to manually access and update it.

Unlike some, we won’t simply put the solution in place and disappear but will be available every step of the way to ensure that everyone within your business understands how best to leverage the new solution to your benefit.

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