Branding Services

We know that a brand can mean a lot to a business. That is why we work to thoroughly understand why you do what you do before we even start to think about how your brand might look. This process allows us to find your true brand voice and represent it in the best way possible.

Our branding services include:

  • Developing comprehensive company identities
  • Creating and updating brand logos, colour schemes and typeface to create a consistent yet current feel throughout
  • Building bespoke business branding that reflect your businesses position and future goals
  • Helping brands stand out in noisy markets with clean, simple and consistent visuals

If you need a new brand or feel it is time to update your business’s image contact us now.

The Power of Brand

Your branding represents everything you are as a business. Like it or not, prospective clients will make a substantial judgement of your business based on the image it portrays. That is why big businesses like Google, Apple and Nike value their brands so highly and spend huge sums of money on getting it spot on.

Many businesses assume that their brand is simply their logo. Although the logo is a massive part of branding and should capture your brands essence concisely, this is far from true. Branding should be woven into every aspect of your business communications, from the way you talk (known as Tone of Voice or TOV), to the colours you use, the style of imagery used to represent your business and even the typography you use across all typed communications.

All these elements unify to create one consistent and recognisable brand, meaning whatever you do customers will recognise the stamp of your business and what that means in terms of quality, value and service.

That is the real power of the brand.

Why Brand with Click Fusion?

We at Click Fusion understand the power of the brand and are experts in applying it to large and small businesses across the globe. Our approach involves truly understanding your businesses position within a market, your aspirations of where you want to be and creating a brand that represents that crossover perfectly.

Our branding experts will work with you every step of the way to create a brand that you feel proud of showing clients and know that communicates the type of business you are professionally and concisely. We aren’t in the business of creating complex and noisy branding, but instead focus on clean and simple visuals that are easily used in a consistent approach.